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The navigation system receives GPS signals from up to 8 satellites to display the postition and direction of your vehicle. Map information is supplied through a DVD-ROM. A gyroscope and the vehicle's speed sensor enable the system to diaplay the present vehicle position even in locations where GPS signals may be blocked. When you input a destination , the navigation system uses the map data to quickly calculate a route. As you drive along, you are guided with pictorial displays and voice prompts. Navigation Radio includes AM/FM radio with one-disc CD player with CD Changer controls, Display screen, GPS antenna and one DVD Geographic disc covering all of mapped US and parts of Canada. Satellite Radio and RDS capable. There is no drilling to install the GPS antenna; it does mount hidden in the dash which requires the dash pad to be removed. Installation is simply bolt and unbolt.

Our new Navigation Radio combines a 4.9-inch full-color display, AM-FM Stereo, CD Player and Navigation Radio System that utilizes DVD technology all in one handy unit. This sophisticated, yet simple-to-use navigation system guides you to your precise destination through the use of global positioning System(GPS) satellite technology and an onboard computer. The system offers turn-by-turn route guidance with voice instruction(available in english, Fench-Canadian and Spanish), automatic re-route calculation, extensive listing of points of interest and enough memory to store 100 personal addresses. Unit includes a geographic DVD with routing directions for the entire mapped United States and parts of Canada. The Radio features 30 presets: 10 AM, 10 FM and 10 Sirius Satellite Radio System Channels(must have the Sirius Satellite Radio System Installed to use this feature)

**** Note: This unit is available for 2002 and 2004 Please specify year! vehicles and is not designed for pre-2002 model vehicles. Due to audio equalization levels that are programmed into the vehicles body control module, if a signal from the radio is not recognized by the Body Control Module, the unit will default to a flat curve. Combined with various levels of speakers used from model year to model year, the sound quality of the audio can be poor ****

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